The RAPID neuroimaging platform creates high-quality images from non-contrast CT, CT angiography, CT perfusion, and MRI diffusion and perfusion studies.

The software provides an intuitive and easily interpretable real-time view of brain perfusion, allowing physicians to determine lesion volumes for a wide variety of different thresholds. CT angiography images indicate differences in vessel density between hemispheres and an automated ASPECT score is generated from non-contrast CT.

To enhance clinical workflow, the RAPID system allows user-defined settings to generate the initial image maps. Custom installation ensures that the system is properly configured to match your individual CT or MRI systems. RAPID provides efficient processing and easy to interpret output screens.

Clinical Applications

RAPID provides both viewing and analysis capabilities for functional and dynamic imaging datasets acquired with non-contrast CT, CT Perfusion, CT angiography, and MRI including a Diffusion Weighted MRI (DWI) Module and a Dynamic Analysis Module.

The DWI module is used to visualize local water diffusion properties from the analysis of diffusion-weighted MRI data. The dynamic analysis module is used for visualization and analysis of dynamic imaging data, showing properties of changes in contrast over time. This functionality includes calculation of parameters related to tissue flow and blood volume.

Features for Experts to Solve Image Analysis

  • Thresholded Tmax, CBF, CBV and MTT maps.
  • 3D CT angiography maps with relative vessel density
  • Automated ASPECT score (not sold in the US)
  • Compatible with all major manufacturers of CT and MRI hardware.
  • Easy installation and deployment on virtual machine platforms.
  • State of the art image processing, incl. thresholding, brain masking, motion correction, time correction, time intensity curve plots, arterial input function and venous output function.
  • Output includes integrated DICOM database for effortless data retrieval, storage and transfer.
  • Processed output is compliant to DICOM standard and auto-pushed to PACS for immediate review.
  • Clinical uptime of RAPID is more than 99.0%.

iSchemaView RAPID at Kansas University Hospital

Center for Advanced Brain and Neurological Care

Dr. Marilyn Rymer describes RAPID

RAPID Overview

RAPID provides data to facilitate clinical decision making that is relevant to multiple specialists including neurologists, neurointerventionalists, radiologists, ER physicians and neurosurgeons.

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